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Hydrogen Sulphide, H2S, Hydrogen Sulphide is the culprit that causes deadly and highly corrosive gases. The production of hydrogen sulphide is a chemical by-product in many collection, water and wastewater treatment systems. Most people recognize the rotten - egg smell, but not everyone knows how to safely treat for this odor. Common treatment solutions only hide the problem, but do not fully remediate or treat the source of the odor, which is the hydrogen sulfide gas.

Solutions for treating H2S range from caustic chemical applications, aeration and blowers to adding chemicals or scrubbers to mask the odor. Most solutions are expensive and do not solve the source of the H2S, which is the anaerobic environment. Other solutions burden the organization with expensive energy costs to run equipment to aerate, scrub, or hide the H2S problems. Whether choosing a chemical or technical solution, few people know what scientists have known for centuries that by applying natural wastewater treatment methods the H2s can be reduced significantly, sometimes as much as from 1000 ppm to non-detect. With BioLynceus™, you can use proven technology, that has age-old science to support treatment with proven bacteria to treat H2S. Now systems can use BioLynceus'™ natural wastewater treatment solutions for the treatment of treating H2S.

BioLynceus™ has developed an advanced bacterial solution for improving the efficiency of hydrogen sulphide removing bacteria. BioLynceus'™product, ProBiotic Scrubber OCC™, is specialty blended to accomplish what technology and chemicals do not, which is to rebalance the environment to support the efficiency of hydrogen sulphide removing bacteria. Environments where the sulphur removing bacteria are working correctly do not produce H2S. When BioLynceus™examined what most chemical and technical methods for treatment of H2S were trying to accomplish, we realized that what was really missing was a natural wastewater treatment method that did not upset the system and create more problems down-stream. With the implementation of ProBiotic Scrubber OCC™ we are able to provide an effective solution that meets our goals of supporting the natural system to work correctly.

The BioLynceus'™ product, ProBiotic Scrubber OCC™, is now available to customers that are looking for a safe and effective approach to reduce H2S in water by addressing the root cause of the problem. We do not add any harmful chemicals that will add nutrients or chemicals to your environment. We are able to custom blend and modify our applications to work with changes in the system or environment to assure every program that is implemented has the highest rate of reduction of H2S.

As a leader in providing natural treatment methodologies, our key concern is to provide a high quality product to support the reduction of odors and corrosion while mitigating H2S. We have a long history of working with a variety of water systems and successfully supporting our clients to remediate hydrogen sulphide in a variety of environments including: collection systems, forced mains, gravity fed mains, sewer lines and lift stations, wet-wells, grease collection systems, water treatment facilities including both mechanical treatment and natural wastewater treatment ponds. Our programs are used in animal water treatment, fresh water ponds and aquatic systems, and industrial water treatment to reduce the odors and corrosion caused by the presence of H2S.

We have a highly-trained team of environmental consultants and staff ready to help you remove H2S and treat H2S. We look forward to having you contact us toll-free at:

888-823-7404 or by email you can Contact us

P.S. Not only will you find this to be a highly effective solution, but the price will be very competitive to other hydrogen sulphide technology and solutions. The biggest difference is that BioLynceus'™ programs have been in use since 1994 throughout the U.S. and we're the only company that offers a proven natural water treatment solution that you can feel good about using. We promote the use of natural technologies and do quality control testing and environmental safety testing to assure we are providing products that are environmentally friendly.

P.S.S And our products are natural. We only use bio-organic products that are sustainable!


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