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Is The PRoduction of H2S in Water & Wastewater An Issue?

Are you concerned with the difficulties associated with H2S in your system?

Do you desire proven H2S water technology to remove hydrogen sulphide odors and interrupt hydrogen sulphide corrosion in your water system?

Then BioLynceus™ has programs that are available to work with your goals to reduce the impact of the corrosion caused by the production of hydrogen sulphide (hydrogen sulfide) known as H2S. See how Biolynceus uses technology to reduce H2S and hydrogen sulphide corrosion.

The production of H2S in water is caused by an imbalance in the sulphur producing bacteria. When the water system is imbalanced, hydrogen sulphide producing bacteria are unable to convert the sulphur. Introduction of bacteria that can enhance the activity of the sulphur digesting bacteria is one of the goals of the program offerred by BioLynceus™.

BioLynceus™ provides comprehensive microbial enhancement products are custom designed for use within a broad range of industries including: oil & gas, municipal and animal wastewater treatment, sewer & sludge processing. Our clients use BioLynceus™ for the remediation of H2S in collection systems, forced mains, gravity fed mains, wet wells, lift stations, water treatment and wastewater treatment plants. Programs for treatment of odors, corrosion, H2S, grease (FOG), and debris in collection lines are utlized throughtout the country by large and small systems.

BioLynceus’™ Water Remediation Solutions help reduce nutrients that contribute to anaerobic environments, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), sludge, contaminated water & water ecosystems. H2S removal applications are administered using biologically balanced products that do not contain any caustic chemicals or materials that create system upsets.

BioLynceus™ utilizes proprietary systems for solving H2S water treatment. BioLynceus™ has been successfully working on remediation H2S odors and corosion in water since 1994. Our primary goal is to provide proven solutions that rebalance the hydrogen sulphide producing bacteria. We work directly with our customers to determine the best H2S treatment solution and recommend application and dosing for the site and treatment of hydrogen sulphide in water.

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Removal of H2S for Water & Wastewater
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