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Rick Allen has over seventeen years of professional experience in the industries of Water and Soil Remediation. Rick provides professional presentations to help educate audiences on topics of using nature's biology to solve common environmental problems.


Managing H2S Class Description:

Rick presents a compelling look at how H2S is a growing concern for plant operations and conclusive solutions on ways the “problem” can be handled. This session is a look at the underlying issues of managing H2S in collection systems and wastewater plants.   Managing H2S is the focal point for this training session.  The coverage of issues include diagnoses and management of H2S. Current solutions and discussion around H2S that operators need to know for understanding the overall safety and management of this caustic and corrosive  elements will be covered.  

In Managing H2S Rick discusses what H2S is and how it is a safety hazard for operations.  The review of H2S covers the safety implications for plant operators and suggested tools for identifying H2S build-up in the system.   Review of chemical and biological solutions are covered, to help operators identify options for managing H2S in their operations.  Operators will be able to understand the health and environmental, plant risks of H2S and recognize the options available to help mitigate the H2S in their system.

In addition to speaking on Managing H2S, Rick speaks on topics related to fresh water, wastewater, pre-treatment and soil remediation.

Credentials as a Speaker

Rick has spoken to both regional organizations and businesses. Some of his audiences include:

Rural Water Associations

Water & Wastewater Education Associations

EPA & Pre-Treatment Coordinators

Sewer, Sanitation Districts & Wastewater Specialists

Municipal Management Professionals

Public Works Professionals

To invite Rick as a speaker for your organization or event contact us

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BioLynceus' CEO - Rick Allen provides informative knowledge on H2S Treatment/ Hydrogen Sulphide Training
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