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Are you in need of natural solutions for cleaning-up hydro-carbons and oils that have contaminated soil, wetlands or marshes?

Are you in favor of using solutions that are non-chemical and have been tested for aquatic safety?

Would you like to mitigate the impact of the hydro-carbon contamination on your local environment?

Then contact us to see how we can be of assistance to yourself or your local business and government in addressing the impact of the oils and hydrocarbons.

Our experience with treating hydro-carbons in soils started back in the early 1990's when our company and CEO were working on cleaning up the impact of leaking fuel tanks. The treatment of hydrocarbons on-site proved to be extremely successful & cost effect by using programs offered by BioLynceus.

We understand your concern about the environment and using additional chemicals to treat the problem. In our opinion this is like adding insult to injury. Why not use natural solutions that enhance the activity of the existing biology? Why not use solutions that have been proven scientifically for centuries to remediate the problems on-site?

Our programs work extremely well by digesting hydrocarbons. Fortunately, with programs offered by BioLynceus there is no need for any expensive removal, since the programs work on-site to address the chemically contaminated areas.

Our expert is available to discuss your desire to work with a company that is committed to using only natural and environmentally sensitive solutions to address contaminated areas. We look forward to being a partner in remediating the impact of the hydro-carbon contamination and seeing what we can all do together to mitigate the long-term impact areas that are impacted by oil, hydro-carbon and other hydrocarbon contamination.



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   BioLynceus has been providing environmental solutions since 1994.
Soil Remediation for Hydro-Carbon and Oil Spills
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