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Disturbed soil environments are especially harsh for rebalancing the soil. In our applications we have successfully remediated mining tailings, road projects, and disturbed soils. We have brought deteriorated soils back to vital environments with soil enhancing constituents. With the addition of beneficial nutrients the revitalization of growth in benign soils are enhanced.

The following photos are taken of a copper mine where the mine tailings were planted to re-vegetate the disturbed areas. In the following picture oat grass was planted to revegetate the copper mine tailings. The areas that were treated showed significant improvement in root zone and plant development. The picture below shows the root zone development in the treated/untreated plant.

               Treated                                           Un - Treated

Untreated                                    Treated

The case study for this project was written up by Pay Dirt Mining Magazine in December, 1997. Read more about this project.

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