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Many top soil scientists warn that soil fertility is far more complex than the practice of using the soil for a matrix to hold up the plant into which chemical nutrients are added to “spoon-feed” the plant while other chemicals are added to the soil and plant to kill harmful pests.

Modern soil microbiologists make it clear that soil fertility is the result of a dynamic aerobic microbial environment in the soil.  They report that soil is alive, truly and literally alive and no amount of chemical “plant food” will give the equivalent of a fertile soil without giving attention to the microbes.  One scientist says, “the plant eats at the second table—the plant gets what the microbes give it.”

Relying on chemical fertilizers and pesticides can have a detrimental affect on the living biology of soil.  This chemical residue can restrict the healthy growth of plants.  These soils can benefit from bioremediation with BioLynceus™biorganics to break down residual chemicals and fertilizers that may restrict healthy plant growth.

Developing a healthy soil biology by the use of BioLynceus'™ products will eliminate or significantly reduce the problems associated with contaminated soils.


What are some of the toxic materials that weaken the soil biology?

A gasoline, diesel or hydraulic oil spill.  The hydrocarbon shuts down the plant and microbes immediately causing the plant to die.  If you can get BioLynceus products sprayed on immediately you can reduce the killing effect by breaking down the hydrocarbon.  The biorganic material buffers the hydrocarbon to reduce the killing effect on plants and microbes, then goes to work to biodegrade the hydrocarbon through a series of biological pathways where the only thing left is carbon dioxide, water and humus.

We usually think that the roots are in direct contact with the soil.  If you look under a microscope you find that in healthy soil, the root is coated with a biological layer called the Rhizophere.  This layer is a dynamic coating of microbes and their byproducts that convert nutrients and minerals to forms that feed the plant.  If this layer is not healthy, you have soil and plant diseases that are detrimental to your growing plants. See Healthy Root Zone

In most soil that has been contaminated by chemicals like oil and hydrocarbons these detrimental chemicals weaken the soil. BioLynceus' bioremediation products will decompose most chemical residues that may be creating problems that are very subtle.  By cleaning up the soil from these toxic wastes and building up a healthy biological system, you will find that many of the problems encountered by contamination by hydrocarbons or oil will gradually be reduced and in time, go away.

One consideration of any application for treating soils and plants for hydro-carbon contamination is the continuation of the contaminate into the soil and the plant's environment. The protocol for long-term treatment must address the actual contamination, as well as any follow-up applications to treat on-going hydro-carbons from the spill location.




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