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Treatment of hydro-carbons come in all different types. Sometimes the hydro-carbon spill is subsurface - in a plume, in a wet-well or even in an area that is in water, without any oxygen or aeration. We see this in a vareity of environments, most often in refineries who develop plumes of contamination of hydro-carbon.

In one such case a fresh water well was contaminated with 6,000 gallons of diesel. The water was not intended to take the product, and needed to be reduced. Pumping off the materials did not result in an elimination of the contamination and was an expensive way to attempt to remove the contaminant.

Biolynceus developed a program to treat the fresh water environment underground. With the addition of the application the client was able to see a tremendous reduction of hydro-carbon.

The site lab readings for the contamination were as follows:

The Diesel Range of Organics at the start of the program were running 27

The Diesel Range of Organics at the end of the program were running 2.7

The time in between these two test dates was approximately 45 days.

The client was able to satisfy the minimum allowed levels of diesel in the contaminated area due to the implementation and use of BioLynceus' hydrocarbon remediation programs.

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Treatment of Hydro-Carbons In Situ

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