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Do you have areas that have become contaminated with some form of hydrocarbons (diesel, oil, gasoline)?

Have you used dispersants with little success?

Would you like a program that enhances the natural environment while addressing the contamination?

With BioLynceus programs you are assured that you are using the safest bioaugmentation programs available in the market. Every program has organic and natural ingredients that are designed to enhance the natural environment.

Many projects require a protocol that does not harm the natural environment and will remediate the hydrocarbon or contamination in the soils. We can work on a variety of sites, but below demonstrates one application, where gasoline was spilled in a landscaping environment. No dispersants or chemicals were used, only a combination of our bioaugmentation applications with quality nutrients.

Photos show where a gasoline spill occurred in landscaping & turf.

Gasoline Spill on TurfGasoline Spill in Landscaping

Photos show how turf was restored - photos are post treatment. Typically, with this kind of a spill the owners will have to replace the sod. With the BioLynceus programs, the turf and soils were restored.

Treated turf from hydrocarbon spill in landscaping and turfTreated hydrocarbon spill in turf and landscaping - after photo

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   BioLynceus has been providing environmental solutions since 1994.

Remediation of Hydro-Carbons in Oil and Hydrocarbon Spills

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