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Our Scope of Programs & Consulting

BioLynceus has been providing environmentally friendly programs since 1994. Our beginnings started in 1994 in Arizona, where we were working with remediation of both soils and water.

Today, we have grown into a strong environmental company offering programs and products that are solving many challenges in the environment including remediation of chemicals, mitigation of contaminants, reduction of water and energy consumption and solutions that are much kinder to the environment and our carbon footprint.

As an environmentally friendly company we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that are meeting goals of sustainability, while offering programs where communities can feel good about replacing existing programs with earth-friendly solutions.

While we are deeply committed to providing solutions that meet goals of sustainability, we still are an environmental company offering a product line that is premier in today's world of chemical free, pesticide free, and herbicide free programs. Our clients are raving fans when it comes to not just the green offering, but the solutions that work and make their jobs easier.

In 2004, Rick Allen, the CEO launched off into becoming an educator for the environment and today serves communities, state and governmental associations across the United States as a promoter of solutions that make sense in today's economy and environment. Some of his recent offering include: Managing H2S, Energy Matters & Critical Issues, which inform, educate and give attendees real-world solutions to some of their most difficult challenges of working and operating systems, while achieving goals of sustainability and using greener solutions for their business.


With over 17 years of hands-on experience, BioLynceus is qualified to work with the biology of the earth, including renewal of soils and water.

With over 200 projects under our belt in water remediation we are well qualified to work in fresh water, waste water and industrial waste water remediation projects.

With over 150 projects under our belt in soil/turf remediation we are well qualified to work in areas of soil remediation including mining, landscaping, turf, aquatic and various large scale sites like sod development.

With over 5,000 acres of organic and sustainable agriculture we are well qualified to work in areas of agri-business, helping to improve the soils and the crops.

You can check out our corporate site at for more information on some of the general areas we are supporting with the programs that make a tremendous difference in the quality of the environment, while producing results for our clients.


Sample List of Areas of H2S Removal and Treatment of Hydrogen Sulphide

BioLynceus continues to work on a variety of hydro-carbon contaminated areas to include:

Capabilitiesremediation of H2S in Collection Systems; Forced Mains; Sewer Lines

Capabilitiesremediation of FOG in Collection Systems including Lift Stations

Capabilitiesremediation of H2S in Lift Stations and Wet Wells

Capabilitiesremediation of odors in water treatment facilities; lagoon systems; ponds

Capabilitiesremediation of anaerobic sludge in ponds and lagoons

Capabilitiesremediation of biosolids

BioLynceus™ provides solutions that are designed for the exact project, whether the concern is for treating water, soil or plants. Each program is customized for the client to assure the specific issues are being managed to produce the results that everyone desires.

Have a question? Want to talk to someone about your hydro-carbon issue? Contact us.



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   BioLynceus has been providing environmental solutions since 1994.
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